Pathway India

In 2009, Gary Sabin dedicated a rehabilitation, educational, and residential home for disabled children at the Pathway farm, 60 miles south of the Chennai Center.  The center offers rehabilitation and education to children and adults with developmental disorders.  The center was established to bring about integration of both abled and disabled children.  The Sabin center currently has facilities to serve 250 live-in children.

SCF provides half of the monthly funding necessary to operate both the Pathway Chennai facility and the Pathway farm.

Charity Vision

Funds were used to remodel a building in order to open an eye clinic in Gonaives, Haiti.  The clinic services the 300,000 people of Gonaives who are hours away from ophthalmic professionals.  This clinic will restore sight, provide needed surgeries and screen thousands of school children. 

Funds have also been used to remodel the facility and purchase supplies and equipment.  The remodel of the clinic was completed in July 2017.  Doctors have been trained to begin seeing patients.

Rise and Rebuild

R&R continues to assist the poor in the Philippine Islands with their major objective of building communal bathrooms (“comfort rooms”) in both inner-cities and rural villages, as well as in schools without sanitation facilities and nutrition centers to feed the mal-nourished. 

The centers are feeding more than 1,000 children per day.  By the end of the year they hope to be feeding 5,000-7,000 malnourished children a day at their centers.  They currently have three operational nutrition centers and three more under construction. 

Hope Project

SCF initially committed to provide funding for 2 villages. SCF Directors Spencer and Kimberly Plumb recently traveled to Peru with Jerry and Ella Simons and were so encouraged by the amazing work they are doing, SCF increased its commitment to fund 12 villages over the next 4-5 years.

World Link Partners

SCF funded the purchase of land for a pilot program WLP calls Casa Naru. The Casa Naru is a home that will be used to model safe living practices and proper hygiene. SCF is excited about this program because Hope Projects has been successful with a similar program in Peru for many years.

SCF provided funding to construct a health and nutrition center that serves 200 villages. Members of these villages can attend free classes at this center on various topics related to health and nutrition, as well as financial management and legal rights.