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Pathway India

Pathway began in 1975 with founder Dr. Prasad, a promising 22-year-old speech pathologist and audiologist in Chennai India. One day while providing complimentary services, a mother brought a child to him for medical treatment and never returned. Dr. Prasad did what “any upstanding person would do” and took the child in and began to care for him. It wasn’t long before another child was stranded in his possession. Again, Dr. Prasad took the child in. A pattern ensued and word spread. Within 3 months, Prasad had over 20 orphaned and mentally challenged children under his care.

From its humble beginnings, Pathway has grown into a large institution with two campuses currently serving over 550 orphaned children and adults, including 300 disabled children. Pathway has also opened its doors in offering free medical, psychiatric, pediatric and dental care to over 4,200 patients each month from the poor neighborhoods surroundings its facilities. In total, Pathway has helped over 40,000 children and adults since Dr. Prasad began his work.


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