Children's Hospital | Uganda

In Uganda, one child in seven dies before the age of five from malaria, dysentery, respiratory infection and other treatable disease. Malaria alone accounts for 70,000-110,000 child deaths annually in Uganda. Children can be saved if immediate hospitalization and treatment is available for one week. The cost of treatment, e.g. Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT), is $0.45 per child times an average of 5.5 treatments per year = $2.48 per year.

Mbarara, Uganda

Other hospitals in Uganda are often overcrowded and lack pediatric specialization. Uganda’s annual per capita income is $240. This leaves little money to build hospitals or pay for anti-malarial preventive measures.

SCF provided partial funding for the first children’s hospital in Mbarara Uganda - the Holy Innocent’s Children’s Hospital. Children’s lives are being saved everyday through the efforts of Holy Innocent’s doctors, and nurses.

SCF has also supplied the hospital with several containers of critically needed medical equipment and standby generators.


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