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Mission: R&R is committed to assisting and aiding the poor in the Philippine Islands.  The initial program began with the building of communal bathrooms and assisting schools after the devastation wrecked by Typhoon Hian in November 2013.  This is still the major initiative, however, in 2016 R&R began a potable water project, a compressed earth block factory, and a program for building low income homes.

Rise and Rebuild is committed to helping assist and lift the poor in the Philippines. The initial program began with the building of communal restrooms on Leyte and Cebu after Typhoon Haiyan devastated these islands in November 2013. R&R constructs these restrooms for schools and in communities that do not have proper sanitation facilities. The community provides the land and volunteer labor, and signs an agreement to maintain the facilities in new condition. Since 2013 R&R has built more than 100 communal restrooms that serve 30,000 people. R&R is now producing their own compressed earth blocks for use in their various construction projects. This enables them to meet their growing need for blocks at a significantly reduced cost and the factory employs dozens of local people, which supports the local economy.

Although constructing communal restrooms is still a major focus, R&R is now also working on school nutrition centers, a gardening program, potable water projects, and a program for building low income homes. SCF has contributed to R&R each year since we met them in 2014.

Projects We've Funded

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Communal Bathrooms
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Nutritional Gardens

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