Sabin Children's Foundation


For the past 8 years, we have worked in rural villages in Guatemala with people who live on less than $2 a day and have provided opportunities for people to make choices that affect their lives. 

While WLP’s main focus and commitment remains in Guatemala, in 2014 we expanded our work into Nepal, where our primary effort is providing education for children of the slums.  The emphasis is on the following core areas: infant and child nutrition, health education, adult literacy, family and community gardens, micro credit, and vocational skills training for youth.   

WLP is one of the few organizations working in Alta Verapaz.  They concentrate on the most vulnerable families, many of whom have lost infants due to malnutrition and contaminated water. 

The function of WLP is to link resources.  Currently, WLP works in collaboration with in-country non-profit organizations that are aware of the specific needs.  They work closely with the organization NARU and with local staff that knows the needs and most effective grassroots solutions to help address current needs.

Projects We've Funded


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The multi-purpose health and nutrition center

SCF provided funding to construct a health and nutrition center that serves 200 villages. Members of these villages can attend free classes at this center on various topics related to health and nutrition, as well as financial management and legal rights.


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Community Outreach Training

SCF Director Steve Henry will spend 10 days in Guatemala with his wife Rachael in January 2018. The Henrys will assess current needs and deliver a 1,000-bottle shipment of pre-natal vitamins provided at no cost by Kirk Humanitarian.




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Alta Verapaz

World Link Partners is continuing their good work in the Alta Verapaz region of Guatemala. Since July, they have been able to add 24 families to the Garden Program and 5 families to the chicken program.  They have also delivered 25 water filters to families in need and started 6 new educational courses at the Mother’s Clinic.    WLP introduced families in dire need to the Chicken Coop Program and Garden Program.  With these programs, not only are they providing nutrition for their malnourished families, but they are also creating a small income to help pull them out of poverty. Approximately, 200 families of 6-10 people: 1,200 – 2,000 people served.


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Casa Naru

SCF funded the purchase of land for a pilot program WLP calls Casa Naru. The Casa Naru is a home that will be used to model safe living practices and proper hygiene. SCF is excited about this program because Hope Projects has been successful with a similar program in Peru for many years.