Medical Clinic | Bolivia

Bolivia is the poorest country in South America. Almost two-thirds of its people live in poverty, working as farmers, miners and traders. Preventable diseases claim the lives of thousands of infants and children every year, and the number of women who die from complications during pregnancy and childbirth is extremely high. Conditions are particularly dire for Bolivia’s indigenous people who live in rural areas where there is little access to health services.

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Together with PCI, SCF constructed, furnished and equipped the Justin David Sabin “Kausay” Medical Clinic in the poor Quillacollo district of Cochabamba, Bolivia. The clinic provides general medical attention, dentistry, vaccinations and a special focus on maternal and child healthcare. Additionally, the clinic is open for 24 hour emergency care. The clinic directly attends to 20,000 people and indirectly affects approximately 40,000 beneficiaries from neighboring communities.


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