San Salvador Medical Clinic | El Salvador

Following the 7.6 earthquake that devastated El Salvador in 2001—which caused an estimated billion dollars worth of damage to the country’s economic, agricultural, infrastructure and social service sectors—PCI collaborated with other organizations to meet immediate and basic needs such as shelter, food and water and sanitation in hard hit communities, and help transition them through rehabilitation and development.

San Salvador, El Salvador

According to Vision Council of America, over 70% of all minors in El Salvador have non-diagnosed visual problems. Additionally, strabismus and “lazy eye” affects 4 of every 100 children under the age of 6 in El Salvador, causing aesthetic problems which affect their self esteem.

In response to this problem, SCF funded the reconstruction of a medical clinic that had been severely damaged by an earthquake. Thanks to the new construction, volunteer doctors can perform hundreds of eye surgeries per month. Between clinics in San Salvador and Fudem, ophthalmologists perform an average of 25 surgeries daily.


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