Visual Screening Program | Pakistan

SCF provided critical equipment and medical supplies to sustain eye programs, including grade school eye screenings, in and around Islamabad.

Islamabad, Pakistan

Through SCF’s 100 Angel’s, SCF funded a visual screening program targeting grade school children--the very first program of its kind in Pakistan. The program seeks out the poor, young school children in the area (20,000,000 population) who have significant vision problems that would otherwise go undiagnosed or untreated.

100 Angel’s also funded the creation of a basic, local optics shop, including necessary equipment and supplies, to produce eyeglasses free of charge to the grade school children screened by this program

SCF purchased a mobile medical van which includes “state of the art” eye screening equipment. The van travels to grade schools in both urban and rural areas of Islamabad. Local doctors have agreed to ride along in the van and will donate their time and skill.

SCF also funded (1) the shipment of over $15 million dollars worth of badly needed antibiotics donated by the Semnani Foundation and (2) the shipment of 150,000 doses of the general antibiotic Keflex, set to expire in 2 years, which were donated to the Foundation by Globus. The total street value for these doses is $150 million dollars.

Books and blankets were also sent with the antibiotics and medical supplies, particularly targeting the earthquake ravaged area of Baffa.


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